Christine Bunuan is possibly the tiniest Asian American Chicago based actor you will ever meet.  Good things certainly come in this small package.  She had the privilege of working with the original creative team on the role of Gigi in the 30th Anniversary North American Tour of MISS SAIGON.  Bunuan is honored to be nominated for a Joseph Jefferson Award for her portrayal of Lady Thiang in THE KING AND I at Drury Lane Oakbrook.   She was recently seen as Jack’s Mother in INTO THE WOODS at Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Illinois.  You can also catch a moment of Christine on screen in a few of your favorite television shows such as Chicago PD, Somebody Somewhere, and The Chi.

How it All began

“I grew up in Vacaville, California.  That’s right…Vacaville which literally means “Cow Town” in Spanish.  Growing up in Cow Town Cali, there wasn’t a whole lot to do.  And being one of three children to parents just starting out in America, funds were a little bit tight.  With lots of love and a whole lot of creativity, my parents made sure to keep us engaged with all kinds of at home activities.  As many kids do, we loved watching the same movie over and over and over again.  Ours was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  My siblings and I memorized every word in that movie.  Of course, I played all the starring roles while my brother and sister complained about me constantly taking center stage in the family room.  I fondly remember pushing an old rocking chairs around the house as if it was a race car, although I think it might have drove our parents nuts. We also transformed chairs and blankets and pillows into forts.  But my favorite memories were of my parents pulling out the Karaoke machine…with the golden microphone.  We would throw concerts in our backyard for our family and friends.  Performing is in the heart of our culture.  We love to sing and dance.  My favorite song was “Flashdance” from Fame.  (I think I just aged myself.)  As you can see, it was inevitable that I would make life long career out of playing pretend.  While growing up, I wanted to be so many things…a writer, a teacher, a composer, a doctor, an astronaut.  And what better way to explore everything…be an actor!